What is "thewildprints.com"?

There are many wildlife and nature photographers in India, who have captured some amazing moments in the wild, and have showcased them in many forums. But many do not know how and where to sell them and more so in the actual print form (paper or canvas). Many are not even aware of great options of possibilities of showcasing their portfolio, the intricate process of printing and presenting their work in a print form. And those that are aware do not have the time and access to good infrastructure to do so.
"thewildprints.com" is a platform for great photographers to showcase and sell their work, both as licenses and in physical form (like prints, frames etc.). We will take care of all the mechanics and logistics. Our expertise in employing the state of the art printing infrastructure and deep knowledge of fine print material does complete justice to the impact that the image needs to deliver.

Do we need to register to sell our photographs?

Yes. Every photographer has to register to get access to creating a portfolio account and uploading images. Please read and accept the terms and conditions.

Can a photographer create a portfolio?

Yes! A perfect place for you! As a photographer you can create a professional portfolio and showcase/sell your best work to your clients from the comfort of your home, while we take care of all the logistics. Also you can showcase your pictures across various social forums. Your fans/clients can buy your images in actual print form (paper or canvas) with a click of a button. You can gift them to your friends as well.

Who set the Pricing in the packages?

Standard Pricing: Is set by the website. All photographers are mapped to the standard package on registration. Basically
Premium Package: The Photographer can add a "TOP UP" price: The "TOP UP" price is the total margin he would like to make with every sale of his image or a print of it. This top up value gets added to the cost of goods, cost of operations, packaging, shipping and taxes. The website management fees plus transaction charges will be charged at 20% of the top up value. Please read and accept the terms and conditions.

How and when will I get my commission?

Commission payments to the photographers will be made within 30 days from the date delivery of the product to the customer (considered as sale). All photographers have to update their bank account details in the profile else payments will not be made. So please ensure all your details are updated and accurate. (Under "edit profile" and update - profile, avatar, bank account, package).

How to participate in Contests?

When you upload a picture, please "definitely" select the "contest #" box from the categories, along with other categories. (There might be a number or word after contest depending on the name of the contest). You can also submit an existing image from your portfolio by editing the image "categories" by selecting the "contest #" box so that it gets eligible for the contest.

Are there Replacement and refunds?

We work with vendors who have highly specialized quality control measures that ensure the product is up to our standards when you receive it. Please check on external surfaces across the product for any breakages, cracks, chip-offs, unfinished patches, or borer / insect infestations. In case you receive a damaged product (damage as defined above), please do not accept the package. If there are printing defects, the customer has to do the below.

Report the damage to contact@thewildprints.com, (subject: Damage Report) within 3 working days of receipt of material with the following:

  • A picture showing the damage,
  • Scan copy of the invoice and delivery chalan
  • Courier the same at his own cost (which will later be credited back to him in his account).

The production team will evaluate the damage and reply within 7 working days. The Customer will get a refund of the same order ONLY in case the website cannot provide a replacement, then the customer can avail of a full refund.

Are Cancellations allowed?

Since these are non-standard items and involve a delicate preparation process, cancellations are not allowed on any products once the order is placed. Once we have delivered the product and left the premises, we will not be able to accommodate any requests (other than as covered for damages). We recommend that customers be present at the time of delivery to check for any possible damages, and return the same to the courier person for damages

Can a buyer have a choice of material?

Buyers get to choose, license or print the best pictures basis the package purchased by the photographer. The packages purchased by the photographer entitle them to access different material and privileges. Please read the material specifications brochure for understanding the material

Who takes care of the logistics of courier, transportation etc. and related costs?

Shipment costs are included in the total product price. All possible charges and taxes like Octroi, entry taxes are also paid for. But in some case and certain cties, a shipping charge will be levied at the time of check out.

How do we ensure great quality?

Our expertise in employing the state of the art printing infrastructure and deep knowledge of fine print material does complete justice to the impact that the image needs to deliver. Colour details are checked against actual product for ensuring quality delivery. Please read the material specifications brochure (Cart) for understanding different materials and their advantages.

What are the packages?

Standard Package: Limited uploads (20 photos only). Only 1 material available for print in canvas and paper. Photographer earns a 20% commission. Cannot license photos for commercial work.

Premium package: Unlimited uploads. Access to more and better quality print materials to enhance quality delivery for your clients, increasing your ability to charge more. License your photos for commercial work. Earn the extra margins for your photos with a top-up fees

How many days will the product (print/frame) be dispatched?

Products are typically dispatched within 7 days of order confirmation. Once the customer has successfully placed an order for a product on the Website, the same shall be delivered within 20 (twenty) working days. All the products are transported and delivered using third party logistic partners of the Website, with a national footprint (courier service providers such as Bluedart, DHL, etc.) and only in select geographical locations within India. While we try to ensure that the product reaches you within the delivery time communicated, exigencies may delay the delivery, and the website cannot be held liable for the same.

Do we deliver in all cities in India?

No. We currently deliver only to Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Bangalore, Ambala, Panchkula, Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Mohali, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Noida, Greater Noida, Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Jaipur, Kochi, Kolkata, Mangalore, Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Surat, Vadodara and Visakhapatnam. We are coming to other cities very soon and will keep you posted!

Are there shipment charges?

Shipment costs are included in total price. All possible charges and taxes like Octroi, entry taxes are accounted for and included. But as these are non-standard and fragile items, the costs and logistics for the same are very high. The Shipping fee for stretched canvas prints ranges from Rs. 1000- Rs. 2000 in the southern states and Rs 2000 –Rs 6000 in the rest of the India. The Delivery shall be deemed to be completed when it reaches the premises for delivery. These being non-standard items, the courier company may not make multiple attempts for delivery in case the customer is not at the premises, in which case, it has to be picked up by the customer

How do I get eligible for Editor's Choice?

Every month a new editor will take over and choose the best 10 pictures on the site. The 10 shortlisted pictures will be given the "Golden leaf badge" which will display on the picture and on their profile. The most voted one will be chosen for publishing in "The Wild Prints" Quarterly Photo magazines". They will receive a copy of the same.

Can I send my articles for the Photo Essay?

Yes. Please write to contact@thewildprints.com with the subject "PhotoEssay"