There are many wildlife and nature photographers in India, who have captured some amazing moments in the wild, and have showcased them in many forums. But they do not know how and where to sell them. And more so in the actual print form on paper or canvas.

Many are not even aware of great options of possibilities of showcasing their portfolio, the intricate process of printing and presenting their work in a print form. And those that are aware do not have the time and access to good infrastructure to do so.

We are a group of photographers who have come together with the mission to provide a platform for great photographers to showcase and sell their work, both as licenses and in physical form (like prints, frames etc).

We will take care of all the mechanics and logistics. Our expertise in employing the state of the art printing infrastructure and deep knowledge of fine print material does complete justice to the impact that the image needs to deliver.
We will continuously strive to provide the best experience to all our customers of this community in showcasing their work and delivering the best in class quality to their clients and fans.

At the same time, this is a community committed towards nature conservation. We encourage photographers to exchange information related towards the philanthropic side of photography and the power of messaging through photographs.


Registered Office
Happy Hippo Retail Private Limited
46, Taylors road, Kilpauk, Chennai

Feedback and partnership
We are open to making this business and community better, to share your thoughts or become a partner, please get in touch at the coordinates below.